Punks Against Prejudice
21 February 2023

Punks Against Prejudice

Punks Against Prejudice is a long time coming for us here at Skeinhead. Influenced by the punks at the Rock Against Racism gig in '78 and the skinheads who made SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice), with the current crisis climate we are in, we wanted to help make a change and take a stand.

So many of us are stereotyped and faced with prejudice due to our sexual orientation, gender, race and so many other factors and enough is enough. With the steep rise of hate crimes against minorities, we wanted to play our part to help. We want to stand against this prejudice, to create a safe-space community, to raise cash to charities to help end the violence and prejudice and to make sure victims voices are heard.

Punk is about community, acceptance and inclusion. It always have been. We can't rely on the law or authorising bodies to help us, so we need to help each other - online, in the streets and in everyday life to stand up against injustice.

We will always be punks against prejudice.